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Fridays at Noon: Overturning Expectations — Dance and Disability Curated by Edisa Weeks

Venue: Buttenwieser Hall

Location: Lexington Avenue at 92nd St

Date: Fri, Mar 31, 2017, 12 pm
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"Disability is an art – an ingenious way to live.” Neil Marcus

Disability arts and culture encompasses a range of work from the therapeutic and self-referential, to the aesthetically and conceptually provocative, theoretically complex and critical of our times. Alice Sheppard and Jerron Herman perform and discuss their work which questions, challenges and overturns the cultural norms and expectations of race and disability in society. Screened in Buttenwieser Hall are Karina Epperlein’s Phoenix Dance, and in the Harkness Dance Center lobby at 11 am Heidi Latsky’s Soliloquy.

Fridays at Noon tickets are $10 online or in advance at the 92Y Box Office in the lobby /$15 at the 92Y Box Office on the day of the performance.

LiveStreams of each Fridays at Noon performance are available at www.tischdanceandnewmedia.com/live. The LiveStreams of the Fridays at Noon performances are part of an educational collaboration between 92Y Harkness Dance Center and NYU’s Tisch Dance and New Media Program.



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