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Eileen Myles and Chris Kraus

Venue: Kaufmann Concert Hall

Location: Lexington Avenue at 92nd St

Date: Mon, Apr 24, 2017, 7:30 pm

Eileen Myles’s new memoir, Afterglow, is about Rosie, her beloved pitbull and running mate in the 1992 Presidential campaign. “Since the publication of her first book, Myles has been offering audiences fleshy, candid slices of her consciousness and life,” wrote Chris Kraus. “She writes in a style that is deceptively immediate and conversational, giddily expressing a huge range of speculative thought.”

Kraus's new book is a biography of Kathy Acker. She is best known for the novel I Love Dick – “one of the most exhilarating books of the last century (and one of the first books of this one),” wrote Myles. “Her living is the subject, not the dick of the title, and while unreeling her story she deftly performs as art critic, his-torian, diarist, screenwriter of an adult relationship, performance artist. When I Love Dick came into existence, a new kind of female life did, too.”



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