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Celebrating Three Decades of Fridays at Noon, 1987-2017: Nearly 80 Choreographers Present Original Dances, Excerpts and Improvs

Venue: Buttenwieser Hall

Location: Lexington Avenue at 92nd St

Date: Passed Event Dates

Nearly 80 Fridays at Noon Choreographers return to the Harkness Dance Center for a Dig Dance celebration!

“All dance is too long,” proclaimed Doris Humphrey, modern dance pioneer and the 92Y dance center’s first director in 1945.

Choreographers show works from 1- 7 minutes over three performances:

Jane Kosminsky, the originator of Fridays at Noon will introduce the festival on May 19. The first performance in 1987, New Companies, New Worlds with choreography by Mark Haim, Katherine Howard, Judy Landis and Michael Schumacher will be screened. ‘Remembrances’ will be read. Each performance will conclude with a lively (short) group improvisation.

Participating choreographers on Friday – (in program order) Jane Kosminsky introducing, John-Mario Sevilla, Sydney Ireland, Laura Shapiro, Jody Oberfelder, Sue Bernhard, Martita Goshen, Gloria McLean, Erroll Simpson (Kathleen Isaac), Rae Ballard, Jessica Nicoll and Barry Oreck, Parijat Desai, Lynn Needle, Janis Brenner, Carlos Fittante, Kathy Westwater, Mark DeGarmo, Emily Berry, Sue Hogan, Regina Nejman, Jared Stern, Anna Sokolow, Aimee Rials, Amber Sloan, Ellen Cornfield; Saturday – Joan Finkelstein introducing, Sara Joel, Anna Sperber, Ara Fitzgerald, Ursula Eagly, Bill Young, Barbara Mahler, Mariko Tanabe, Nancy Zendora, Sasha Spielvogel, Ian Spencer Bell, Lynn Parkerson, Beth Jucovy, Jennifer Conley, Julia Gleich, Andrew Jannetti, Mary Seidman, Kate Thomas, Catherine Tharin, Lori Belilove, Maxine Steinman, Catey Ott Thompson, Tiffany Mills, Valerie Green, Kate Digby, Heather Harrington, Kelley Donovan, Chris Ferris, JoAnna Mendl Shaw, Kathy Wasik, Douglas Dunn; Sunday – Amy Kail introducing, Christopher Caines, Carol Nolte, Liz Gerring, Celeste Hastings, Johari Mayfield, Dages Juvelier, Aileen Passloff, James Waring (NYTB), Annie Sailer, Colleen Thomas, Fayzah, Amy Kail, James C. Martin, Suzanne Beahrs, Sandra Rivera, Allison Trotta, Jessica Gaynor, Rachel Cohen, Rachel Thorne Germond, Catherine Gallant, Esmé Boyce, Rebecca Stenn, Christopher Williams, Benjamin Lang, Heidi Latsky, Michael Goldstein, Arthur Aviles, David Parker.

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